Don’t Crave Food… Crave Endorphins!

Ever wondered why our bodies crave fatty and sugary foods? Apart from the taste its actually because of what happens when the body breaks down sugars. It is a chemical process that actually releases Endorphins! I know what you’re thinking… If Endorphins are so good for me, why are they making me eat sugar and fatty foods?!

The reason is simple. When our body breaks down sugars and releases Endorphins into our body we get that same euphoric feeling we would get like if we went for run, not as intense of course but still enough to make us addicted to the sensation. Ever heard of the term ‘comfort eater’? This is the term used to describe people who say they eat food to get in a better mood or just feel happy when they eat. This is because eating food is their way of releasing Endorphins and achieving a somewhat “natural high”.


You’re kind of right Keanu… It goes to show that if we have low Endorphin levels in our bodies we will crave these kinds of foods because at the end of the day, our body wants to feel good, wants to give us a natural high, wants to make us feel happy! Therefore we need to find our Natural High in other places and release Endorphins into our body by other means.

Refer back to my previous blog post about releasing Endorphins and find out which one suits you, because if you’re looking to diet or stop eating unhealthy foods, high Endorphin levels are a MUST so that your body doesn’t try to find the high in unhealthy ways.


6 thoughts on “Don’t Crave Food… Crave Endorphins!

  1. What a funny meme to make people be aware of taking excess endorphins!
    Yes, it is really common for individuals, especially HSC and college students to consume sugary food such as coke, chocolate and desserts during the exam and assignment period. I have tried this before and I THOUGHT it can actually help me to become less stress on my work. However, it does not seem to solve the problem on me well. Therefore, I prefer stressed people to exercise, hiking, or even cook some food for themselves and friends to release stress! Our blog ( has provided many healthy recipes and cooking ideas. Feel free to check that out!

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