Who Let The En-Dog-Phins Out?!

Like so many of us, motivation is the biggest factor that stands in our way to achieve a natural high. We need a push to get of the couch and release endorphins into our body through exercise or other means. Many turn to personal training which is a great option. They push you to your limits which is exactly the place you need to be to get a massive high from the rush of those mood altering opiates flooding into our system. But there are other ways to get motivated…


I have two dogs of my own. Banjo and Rowdy. To look after dogs and keep them nice and healthy they should be walked at least once a day. What better motivation do you need than your four legged friend running up to you and asking to be walked??

They really are a great motivator but not only that, just by being around dogs makes you happier. They provide companionship and are extremely loyal. You always have a walking buddy and you often feel a sense of pride in looking after something and treating it well.

Obviously a pet is not for everyone and depending on peoples circumstances it might not be a viable option for motivation. However, if you have the space and time for a furry four legged companion, I highly recommend you invest in a natural high seeking buddy like Banjo and Rowdy!