Just a quick post and not just because of the ‘punny’ word play I thought of for the title.


A bit of info about the person behind ‘The Natural High’ campaign, I was raised in the water. Before I could walk my parents were throwing me into swimming pools and out into the ocean. I joined swim schools and squads, went to swimming races, events and carnivals, and eventually found a sport that tailored to my competitive and physical nature, water polo. I cannot thank my parents enough for the encouragement they gave me to get active and physical in water. There is no other exercise quite like it and I’ll share with you now.

1. Swimming has almost zero impact on your body. You are able to do more aerobically because you are not causing any pressure or damage to joints like when you run on a hard surface. Therefore, swimming is also perfect for people with muscle or joint pain for a low impact form of exercise.

2. Leading on from this is weightlessness. By swimming, you are in an equilibrium state between gravity and the buoyancy of the water. This gives your muscles and joints a much needed break from the constant pushing down of gravity.

3. Swimming makes you look good! When you run you are running through air. When you swim you are trying to get through a substance much denser than air, therefore increasing muscle tone.

4. Range of motions. There are many different styles of stroke and movements that just arent possible in a gym. Swimming almost lengthens the body and increases flexibility and range of movement by stretching muscles as they work out.

5. Aerobic. Great for your heart while also being a resistance set.

6. A Natural High. Not only does swimming release Endorphins, the constant stretching and relaxing of muscles coupled with the deep rhythmic breathing produces an incredible relaxation response in the body much like yoga. Swimming makes your feel good body and mind.

So if you’re not sure how or where to start in releasing Endorphins and achieving a Natural High my advice is to make like Dory and… “Just keep swimming!”