Stress Less with Endorphins

So there is another way that your body releases endorphins into your bloodstream that I didn’t mention… Stress.

I didn’t mention before because I don’t want everyone running around getting stressed to achieve their natural high, that won’t work. But it is true, when we are stressed our body naturally excretes endorphins to try and counter the stressful emotion and put us back on the right path of happiness.

However, without the right levels of endorphins in our bloodstream and a highly stressful lifestyle or series of events, an almost permanent suppression of endorphin levels can occur, and it makes it hard to manage these stressful times of our lives.

Therefore, if you are stressed go back through the endorphin release post and try some of the tactics to pump endorphins into your body and get back on the positive side of life.

It has been said if you do exercise to release endorphins, a stressful person will need to do more than about 30 minutes which is what an unstressed person will need to do to achieve the same effects from the endorphin release, so bare that in mind.

In all seriousness, life is hard, it throws curve balls at us that we don’t see coming and it kicks us down to the ground. The truth is we can’t be happy all the time! It’s not realistic to think that we can. But in those times if we put a smile on our face, surround ourselves with what makes us happy, and release some of the mood altering drugs that our body naturally provides for us, we can come back from anything life puts in our way!