Endorphins, Natural Enemy of Sleep Deprivation, Depression and Stress

We’ve already covered stress in a previous post so I won’t talk much about it. However, when we talk about people who have trouble with sleeping or have symptoms of depression, stress is usually a factor that comes into it. Luckily Endorphins are here to save the day and ensure that you get a good nights sleep and feel more positive about life.

Really all this stuff I’ve said before but it’s really important and so I’m reinforcing for you.

Release endorphins, block pain, feel good, the end!

That’s the long and short of it.

Why this helps sleep though? This is because most often than not people release Endorphins through exercise. Not only do you feel great after but because you’ve worked out for an hour rather than sitting on the coach watching tv, you have done something to make you feel tired! A lot of the time people who have trouble sleeping are just not tired. They haven’t done anything during the day to make their bodies need to rest.

As soon as you start exercising it will have a snow ball effect. Endorphins will be released to help elevate your mood and keep your positive attitude more consistent. Then you will get tired because you are doing physical activity which will in turn make you happier. And finally stress will go down because you are looking after yourself and are happy and are sleeping you have three less things to worry about in your day!

Endorphins are the gift our bodies give us to live a natural, holistic and incredible life. Go out there and release them and feel the Natural High!



Ok, so we know what endorphins are but how do we get those little suckers into our body?

It is a common misconception among people that exercise is the only/best way to get endorphins into our body, and although it is one way, there are actually many, many more ways in which the body gets stimulated into releasing endorphins.

Here are the top 10 ways to release endorphins into your body to achieve a natural high:

1. Smiling – Very simple, but a smile does in fact release endorphins and just gives you a much more positive outlook on life.

2. Exercise – The obvious one, exercise is great because it stimulates the production of endorphins and also gives you a healthier lifestyle and confidence. To maximize endorphin release in exercise, heavy weight lifting or intense aerobic activity is suggested.

3. Eating – Specifically dark chocolate and spicy foods (chilli), but even after just a very satisfying meal endorphins are released to make you feel good. Having said that remember, everything in moderation.

4. Sex – Sex is probably one of the best ways of achieving a natural high. This is because it is physical but also more often than not, emotional. Connecting with a person physically, emotionally and spiritually while releasing endorphins is truly euphoric for the body.

5. Laughing – Normally when we laugh, we are happy. Many positive effects and feelings are surrounded by laughing including endorphin release.

6. Meditation – Controlled breathing, Tai Chi, Yoga and other forms of meditative exercises are believe to trigger endorphins in the body.

7. Massage / Acupuncture – Both these treatments release endorphins, relieve stress and make you feel better all over.

8. Alcohol – Excessive drinking does NOT release endorphins, however it has been proven that light to moderate drinking does.

9. UV Light – Ultraviolet Light for some reason makes our bodies pump out endorphins.

10. Positivity – The most important of all of the endorphin triggers. Be positive!

So here you have 10 ways to release endorphins into your body. There are so many different ways to release them that no one should have any excuses about why the haven’t gone out there and experienced a natural high!